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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Shiraz GSD Reviews
At Shiraz Farm we are very proud of the strong relationships that we have built with our clients.  We would like to share with you some of the kind messages that we get from people that own our wonderful dogs.
Crash-8 weeks old
Crash one year old
Hi Leigh~
What a wonderful line of GSD's you have! I wanted to take a minute and keep you up to date on Crash's (Lolita x Jango litter form 02/12/2012) accomplishments. This past week we attended the International Police Work Dog Associations (IPWDA) nationals in Butlerville, IN. Not only did Crash travel and perform well we took away the greatest number of certifications amongst all the 300 teams.  

Crash is now certified through IPWDA in Basic and Advanced Human Remains Detection, Area Search, and Water Recovery. This week truly showed me what you meant by sound minded dogs.  

I thank you again for the time you spent with me in choosing the correct dog for my needs. He truly is a prefect fit and also very handsome.  

You are breeding a special line of dog and I'm so blessed to have one.  

This is Brutus. He's 10 months old and around 80 pounds now. He is an absolute joy to have around the house. He has an older sister, Chloe, who's almost 2 years now and the two of them can not get enough of it each other. He's is a BIG lover boy and soaks up all the attention around the house. He's an excellent boy and we're so glad to have him in our home. Thank you!
Winnie two years old
Brutus 10 months old
This is a recent photo of our sweet and noble Winnie, taken just after her second birthday. She is the daughter of Ginger and Ricco. We are so happy with our terrific dog. She loves to do nose work and agility, is great with other dogs, and is an ever-vigilant watchful protector of our home. We couldn’t ask for a better canine companion. Thank you so much.
Winnie 12 weeks old
My husband,  and I became the proud owners of one of your beautiful German shepherds. (Lolita and Jango October 12 2012) Cairo is just over a year and is the sweetest dog around. He plays well with others and just recently became a big brother. Cairo is incredibly smart and ever watchful of the house; letting us know whenever something is up. We are so glad to have him in our home :)
Cairo at one year old
We are the proud owners of The pink female in your winter 2011 pictures. She is just a tad over two and her name is Samantha. More people have commented on how beautiful she is and everywhere we go she gets compliments about her appearance and demeanor. You can put us down as big Shiraz fans. As far as German shepherds go, it doesn't get any better.
Samantha one year old
Hi Leigh

I was just sitting here playing ball and taking pictures w/Panzer and thought I'd send you a quick note & pic of Him with his ball. This pic was just taken. He is doing great. He is just awesome. He is so sweet and lovable, smart and always so happy. We always hear how beautiful he is on our daily walks. His beautiful black face is just so amazing. 

Hope all is well. I was just taking pics of Panzer and thought of the awesome person who gave us this awesome dog, which is you.

Panzer, One Year
Good Morning!                                                                January 2015

My family and I were walking around Middleburg a few weeks ago and I spotted one of your gorgeous German Shepherds from ACROSS THE STREET. My husband and children thought I was crazy crossing the street and chasing the owner down. Haha. 
By far THE MOST beautiful GS I have ever seen!!! Beyond spectacular! Can not quite remember the dogs name, but the owner boasted about your kennel, your prestigious bloodlines and simply the amazing temperament of your puppies. They were so thrilled with their big guy. 
By far THE MOST beautiful GS I have ever seen!!! Beyond spectacular!
Do you have any upcoming litters or current puppies for sale? If so, I would love details and perhaps my family and I may come see them? 
Thank you so much. 
Very Warmly,

January 2015
Thank you so much for welcoming my husband and I to your home on the 17th to see the beautiful German Shepherd dogs and pups you are raising. You came highly recommended from friends as having a fine line of GSDs and experience and knowledge we could trust. As we walked through the door the intelligence, good training and friendly calm nature of the older dogs was immediately apparent. 

The loss this past year of my shepherd,  hit hard. He was not only the most perfect companion, but he was "my ears", able to help me in so many ways. I have finally accepted his passing and am now very excited about the thought of being able to raise and train a new little friend into our family from your wonderful line. 
 I really appreciate the time you gave to teach and help us pick a perfect pup to fit my special needs. We can't wait to pick up our new little pink polka dot friend next month. I've decided to call her Anouk (Grace).

Thank you again,

We are so glad having found Shiraz farm as a breeder. After doing a thorough search on breeders we adored meeting Leigh and familyand fell in-love with our puppy, Mohawk when he was only 4 weeks. Mohawk is now 7 months old and full of energy and extremely gentle around our two daughters. He extremely sociable and loved by anyone who gets to meet him. Thank you Leigh and family for affording us the opportunity to join Shiraz Farm family.” 

Ruger one year old
Ruger 10 weeks old
Hello, Leigh

I hope you are well. 

You are truly breeding a very special line of German Shepherds. Ruger's (Bootsmann x Isabell litter from March 15. 2014) first birthday was last week and I wanted to give you an update on his progress. We have attended two events in the past few weeks that have showcased his temperament, social ease, nerve strength, and obedience. We participated in a demo hosted by the Boy Scouts and Ruger worked the room!He possesses a fun loving "command-like" presence that all are charmed by. While this was an overly stimulating environment for him around children from the day I brought him home, but never this many all at once. Ruger is a handsome boy and draws a lot of attention because of this. The kids were so excited to get close to him to pet him, treat him, and then have their pictures taken with him and he behaved like a perfect gentlemen and loved every bit of it. This past Friday and Saturday our search team was invited to partner with a chapter of National Guard for some familiarization training on the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and Ruger was a rock star! This was a very unique experience and there was no opportunity to "train" ahead for it; it was a challenge of nerve strength for both of us! The wind, noise, vibration, and movement of the helicopter did not phase Ruger one bit and once again he was sound minded, courageous, and obedient. Ruger is a smart, loveable dog with an incredible temperament...I am so very proud of him and feel truly blessed to have him. 
​'ll let you know how it goes. 

Best regards, 

Hello Leigh,

I am so pleased to tell you that yesterday we tested with the Rhode Island State Police and Ruger (Bootsmann x Isabell litter March 15.2014) at 13 months old passed his 40 acre live find wilderness certification test within 10 minutes. While there are a number of variables to contend with in testing at this level it was his drive, love for the game, and incredible work ethic that resulted in this impressive find.

After tragically losing my male GSD and wanting very much to stay involved with search and rescue your knowledge and insight was instrumental in helping me select the right pup for my needs. Ruger is pure joy and a true winner!! I am so very proud of him.

We are scheduled to participate in several demos over the summer and it's my hope to certify him in the fall with other organizations once he is of age. I'll keep you posted.

I've attached a pic if you'd like to post it on your site. The trooper, Dan, who evaluated us happily has given his permission to use the pic. Dan was quite impressed with Ruger's performance and really got a kick out of him.

Kind regards
Ruger 2015
10/31/2015  Hi Guy! Just thought I'd send you an update photo of Eva since she will be almost 2 in December.  She is an absolute doll!   We adore this goofy girl and she's becoming quite the frisbee aficionado.  Cannot wait to take her to her first competition in January.  Thank you for giving us one of our greatest gifts in life.

Eva at almost 2 Years oldld
June 13, 2015
Hi Leigh,  This is our pup Layla, born on 10/31/ 14.  She is the calmest, sweetest GSD we could have hoped for.  She's a big girl, but skinny and growing,  At 7 1/2 months she weighs 64 pounds.  We think she's perfect.  I hope all is well with you, your family and dogs.
Best regards,  Carol
Layla at 7 1/2 months 
November 3, 2015

We thought you might enjoy seeing how one of your puppies grew up.  Rudi is out of Orlando and Catalaya in April 2014 and he has their wonderful dispositions.  He is confident and friendly with people, happy in crowds, and a great restaurant companion.  We are extremely happy with him.

He can be a handful in training, he's smart but willful, and assertive towards other dogs.  As you can see he's also so handsome that people have stopped their car on the street to admire him.  Thanks for bringing him to us.   Leslie and Lynda
Rudi at one year old
Fernando at 8 Weeks
Fernando at 1 Year
​November 15, 2015 
I wanted to give you an update on Fernando. He is from the Coraline and Bootsmann litter 12/15. I've included pictures of him at 8 weeks and 10 months. Fernando has grown into a handsome boy. We get compliments from everyone that sees him and it's always about his beauty and sound mind. He has the same calmness with a crying baby or when we take him target practice at the range. Nothing phases him. He has become protector of our free range chickens and keeps a vigilant watch of them from danger. Fernando is gentle with our one year old niece and has become a great guard dog. It's been a joy having him and I look forward to many more years ahead. Fernando had big shoes to fill and I'm happy to tell you he has in every way. Thank you again for your expertise in helping us choose the right boy.

February 14, 2016
We got our 2 year old German Shepard, Rebel from you. His Mom is Dixie, and his Dad is Orlando. Rebel just turned two years old. He is absolutely stunning and he is so loyal and smart. He is a very good guard dog, has a great nose, and strong ball drive, he is a worker! He is very athletic, we hike with him approx 5 miles a day. 
He is also great with my 7 yr old son and his friends. He plays with them and is very gentle. He always keeps an eye on our son. He is a great family dog. We are so pleased with him. He is everything we were looking for a dog. Thank you for breeding such remarkable dogs. He makes us so proud! 💙
Just wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy I am with our "BO"!! just as your good word and description on line says, he is a son of Xanadu and what a wonderful addition to our family especially our children and grandchildren! Bo is so very kind, calm and above all gentle. he plays with the grown children as though they are litter mates but the most amazing thing about him is our grand kids. they were exposed to a loud and angry dog before and its taken much of this year we have had him for them to loose their fear of big dogs but they have and its all due to this great dog we got from you. he is so mindful of not only their fears and positions but remarkably of his own in that he walks carefully around the one yr old and in the next moment runs like the wind playing fetch with the nine yr old. never brushing against them in fact one time he was running by the oldest and she made a sudden move his way and instead of him bumping her he sacrificed his own well being and jumped off of a wall! I take him EVERYWHERE with me, he heals off leash, has friends all over southeast Virginia and loves all people (except those that come up quickly with hoodies on)! Plays most of the day with my sons 10yr old Boston terrier and is again so very gentle! It would be impossible for us to love him as much as he loves us but we try! Someone once said of a dog "he may not be everything to you but your everything to him" thats our boy BO, thank you again!! Mike and Mary  Virginia beach. Ill try to send you some pics!  February 15, 2016
Rebel at 2 Years Old.
Brutus is great! He's really grown! He has that perfect balance of protectiveness and playfulness that we wanted. I have a cousin with special needs and it touched our hearts that that he immediately attaches to him whenever he's around. Everywhere we go we get compliments about his behavior and how beautiful he is. He's great around the family and loves going on our outings. - Suzan from VA (2017) 
Here is --- Vom Shiraz! He is very beautiful, very sweet, and so much energy; fast learner and the perfect companion. Thank you for everything! - Marcella and Alberto  (Feb. 2017)
2/10/2017 (Transcribed from YELP) 
We purchased a male German Shepherd fromShiraz GSD. My furry boy is now 2 1/2 years old and I cannot express how Grateful I am. He has been the best dog I ever had, he is a adorable with my 2 tiny chihuahuas and my Maltese miniature and his intelligence and great behavior makes him the perfect companion and guardian dog. We are in LOVE with Pappo :) - Ivonne

I visited a friend in Richmond last weekend and Flora was so sweet and gentle to her 2 yr old boy. I haven't had her around small kids very much so that was really nice to see. She is such a sweet and loving dog. Hope your week is going well. Talk to you soon! - Leigh Ann from Arlington, VA (April 2017)

(Transcribed from YELP)

In 2007, we went to visit Shiraz Farms to look at German Shepherd puppies. Leigh asked us a lot of questions to ensure her puppies were going to good homes. At that time, we had a Jack Russell also. Leigh told us that if there were any issues with the dogs getting along, to bring the shepherd back. She also told us she never wants any Shiraz dogs to end up in shelters or rescues, so if anything were to ever happen, bring the dog back to her.  

Elmo was our first puppy from Shiraz. Leigh told us he was laid back and sweet. Good breeders know the personalities of their puppies well to make sure they are a good fit for their permanent homes. Elmo's personality as a puppy was the same as he grew older. He was the sweetest, most lovable German Shepherd. He did the breed proud. Many people who had bad experiences with German Shepherds met him and changed their opinion about the breed.  

In 2013, we decided to get a second shepherd and contacted Leigh. We wanted a little more spunk with this dog. We didn't want very high energy, but just more independence. Leigh introduced us to a few puppies and described their personalities. She was leaning towards a specific one for us, but wanted us to see the subtle differences in personalities. We chose our second puppy that day, and picked her up a few weeks later.  

Over the years, I kept in touch with Leigh. I send her pictures of the dogs and let her know how they are doing. She's always happy to hear the updates.  

We lost Elmo last fall. We chose to go back to Shiraz Farms to add another dog to our pack because both of our puppies grew into such beautiful and compassionate adults. Their personalities are so vastly different from each other, but just as described from when they were little. Both have been healthy, beautiful and loving. We look forward to finding our new puppy with the help of Shiraz GSD. 

- Bonita from Sterling, VA 
Wanted to send you a few pictures of Nico and thank you for the beautiful, well-behaved, healthy, intelligent and gentle dog we got from you. Kids and I can not imagine our lives without Nico. We love him and he loves us back. Boy does he know how to love back!

Shortly after getting Nico we had to move, because our old community had GSDs on the restricted breed list. How unfair is that? It turned out for the best. The new place has a dog park on premises and lots of open space for Nico to play with other dogs and roam around, quite often off leash. We get a lot of comments on how handsome he is and how well he gets along with other dogs, no matter big or small.

I work from home 100% now so on average Nico gets out 6-7 times daily for a total of up to 3 hours, more on weekends.

So I am happy to report that he has a good life with us. He is a member of the family and is being treated as such.

Thank you!

-T. from VA 

I thought I would send an update on our baby. We have had Raina (Dixie and Mexx litter born April 18th) for a year now. She is the light of our lives! So smart, beautiful, loves her ball and loves everyone! We have been training for Rally and Barn Hunt and she is doing amazingly well. I get compliments all the time. Hopefully her first Rally trial will be in July. She is such a big part of our every day lives and is always so happy! Thank you so much for our baby!

-L. (transcribed from a personal email May 2017)