Shiraz Farm German Shepherds
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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Bojo and Jinxy
                    Great Grandma 
Xanadu's daughter at 7months old
BootsmannVom Streek 
SCH 1 SG 28 
Mexx Vom Himmeltal (BH/AD)
Bootsmann's son in a Black Hawk helicopter in training

Two beautiful Shiraz Farm Plush Coats-- Harper & Wrigley 
SG Quenni v.d. Drei Grazien
IPO1,HDa, EDa, DNA-- recently imported !
Confirmed pregnant to Gary
One of Shiraz Farm's beautiful therapy dogs 
​One of our gorgeous female pups going for a drive!
                                             Shiraz Farm GSDs
World Class Bloodlines, Extraordinary, Balanced Temperaments and Exquisite Beauty 
 one of our stunning studs imported from Germany!
Introducing: Zuran von der Kahler Heide (V IPO 2)!

An exceptional stud recently imported from Germany. He is exceptionally beautiful, brightly colored and extremely intelligent, playful and friendly-- from top German bloodlines. His sire, Leo von der Zenteiche is IPO 3 and VA 1 and his dam, Blianka vom Osterberger-Land, is SchH2 and VA!

From Sire: Leo von der Zenteiche (IPO 3, VA 1)

Dam: Blianka vom Osterberger-Land (SchH2, VA) 

Certified Hips and Elbows
Gary  Vom Huhnegrab VA1 Sch3 KKL1

Very Very Special litter
F :VA5 Quoran d' Ulmental - V Baru di Crone S.Spirito - VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard

 M: V Odin v.d. Drei Grazien - VA1 Ober v. Bad-Boll- V Giovani V. Kapellenbergble 
2xVA BSZS 2013/14, VA1 AT 2014 Omen vom Radhaus IPO3, SCHH3 male

V Jalmari vom Hühnegrab SCHH1 female