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  • We welcome your visit  by appointment.  Please call for updated puppy availability.  Average  price is starting at $2500 for males and females.  The deposit is half the price of the full cost of the puppy.  The deposit is nonrefundable.  We only accept deposit on pups that are born or from  females that are confirmed pregnant.  This assures the delivery of the selected pups on time and eliminates unnecessary waiting lists.  We offer a 10% military discount.

Breeding stock is priced individually.  Please see the litters below.  

​At Shiraz Farm, we strive to provide the best service to you.  With your input and our expertise and knowledge about individual pups, and our understanding of your lifestyle, we will help you select the perfect pup to be your loyal companion.   

 We are accepting appointments to see our pups and parents.
All of our top bloodline pups are vetted, vaccinated and Microchipped. Please call for  availability and time frame.  703-728-4967​. 

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Mexx vom Himmeltal (BH/AD)
Sire: Illiano vom Fichtenschlag (SchH3)

Dam: Kira vom Himmeltal (SchH2 IPO 2) 

Certified Hips and Elbows. 
Zippo von der Kahler Heide IPO 3; V 

Sire: Leo von der Zenteiche (IPO 3, VA 1) - Leo was one of the most famous dogs in the world, he scored VA 1 because of his extraordinary beauty and temperament. 

Dam: Blianka vom Osterberger-Land (SchH2, VA)  

Certified Hips and Elbows. 
Sire: SIRE.-Yasko progeny of Elite Ando Alterbergerland VA4 SCh3 KKL1

DAM.-Jinji Vom Haus Paris Daughter of VA1 Nando KKL1 Sch3 

​Certified hips and Elbows
Xante Von Der Prachtallee
Nico vom Himmeltal 
Sire: Fulz di Zenevredo (SchH3, VA1)- One of the most famous VA dogs in the world! Son of Furb degli Achel who is VA 1!

Dam: Kira vom Himmeltal (SchH2 IPO2, V)- Kira is the Progeny of Zamp vom Abtel-Eck and Yasko vomn Farbenspiel!

​Certified Hips and Elbows
Pups will be born
Accepting Deposits Now! Exciting Litter!  
Xante is a large boned large head gorgeous dog. she is extremely atheletic and powerful. She has a substantial structure. She is an ideal type for service work . An exemplary female with very red pigment. Was imported recently from Germany.

Nico is a stunning male whose bloodline speaks for itself! He is the son of Fulz di Zenevredo (VA 1!). His personality is bright and playful and his beauty comes from a big-structure and head and vibrant colors.  Imported from Germany

​Their puppies will make excellent companions or Service Dogs! ​

​The pups will be born and we accept deposits.   
Don't miss out on this litter. 
This litter is sure to produce the most brilliant beautiful pups just like her sister Cataleya.  

Ginger is another extremely smart and beautiful large boned female. She produces very balanced and Large boned puppies. She is very powerful and brave and kind. She is what you call lovable security.

Zippo is one of our top studs! His beauty and personality are unparalleled. He is the son of Leo Von der Zentiche, VA1 whose succes comes from his exquisite beauty and his balanced and driven personality!

Their puppies will be bright red with big structures and balanced personalities. Perfect for companions or Service Work! 

Sire: Orlando Vom St Michael's-Berg (V SCH1 KKL1)

Dam: Hope Vom Michel's berg (V Sch2 KKL1)
Mexx vom Himmeltal  Bh, AD SG
4 weeks old pups 
Cataleya Vom Shiraz

Ginger Vom Shiraz

Isabel vom St. Michael's-Berg
Sire: Boomer Vom Polarstern VA (Most Famous Stud VA)

Dam: HIrka Vom Michel's berg V rated Sch1 KKL1

​Certified Hips and Elbows
Sire: SIRE.-Yasko progeny of Elite Ando Alterbergerland VA4 SCh3 KKL1

DAM.-Jinji Vom Haus Paris Daughter of VA1 Nando KKL1 Sch3 

​Certified hips and Elbows
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