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We welcome your visit  by appointment.  Please call for updated puppy availability. Average price is $2500 for males and females. The deposit is half the price of the full cost and non-refundable. 

Breeding stock is priced individually.  Please see the litters below.  

​At Shiraz Farm, we strive to provide the best service to you.  With your input and our expertise and knowledge about individual pups, and our understanding of your lifestyle, we will help you select the perfect pup to be your loyal companion.   

 We are accepting appointments to see our pups and parents.
We have world class pups vetted, vaccinated and Microchipped. Please call for details 703-728-4967​.

Pups born July 5 happy and healthy! Accepting deposits now at $3,500.

Sylive and Crash are one of the most exciting upcoming litters. Both are proven odor detection dogs,we expect to have pups with incredible ability for scent work. Sylvie and Crash have excellent work ethics that will be transferred to their pups. These pups will be great service dogs or extremely intelligent companions.  

Certified Hips and Elbows.

Male or female  $3,500

Mexx Vom Himmeltal
BH AD  A Normal 
Piper Vom Shiraz
  Sire: Iliano Vom Fichtenschlag VA
Sch III KKL1 Remo Vom Fichtenschlag
  Dam: Kira Vom Himmeltal
Yasko Vom Farbenspiel

Accepting deposits on pups now-Pups were born. $2,500.

Piper is an incredible female who is just as talented as her brother, Crash, one of our studs as well as her mother Lolita. She is friendly, talented with tracking and is extremely beautiful. Her conformation and bright colors are exemplary. We have paired her with Mexx, who is recently imported from Germany. He is intelligent, friendly and playful. Both Piper and Mexx are big-boned dogs with large heads. 

Certified Hips and Elbows.

Nacht Waechter Vom Shiraz 
                                          AKA Crash
Sire: Jango vom haus Paris

Dam: Lolita von der Hernmuhle
​Sylvie von Arlett
    SCH II, KKL 1, V, A  Normal 
Sire: Gigolo von der Barenschulucht 

Dam: Santana von Arlett 
 Certified as: AKC Good Citizen, International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA) Area Search, IPWDA Advanced Cadaver and IPWDA Water Recovery.  Hips & Elbows: A Normal. 
Lolita von der Hernmuhle 
Orlando vom St. Michael's Berg V,​SCh1 KKL1,
Sire: Eloy Vom St.-Michaels-Berg , V1 SCH III 
(Zamp Vom Thermadus, VA1 Progeny)

Dam: Jackie Vom VV1 SCh 2 St.-Michaels-Berg 
(Yello's Daughter VA1)

Sire: Shiraz Yasko 
  (Progeny of Enzo Von Buchhorn, VA1)

Dam: Jill Aus Famke Zauberwald
Pups have been born on 4th of July happy and healthy! Accepting deposits now at $2500. 

Lolita and Orlando are a repeat breeding who have consistently produced gorgeous, well-mannered pups. Their pups make perfect companion and service dogs that are consistently focused and happy to use their intelligence to work. The extraordinarily vibrant colors and sound structure of their pups are only matched by their incredible temperament.  

Hips & Elbows Certified. 
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Mexx's father Iliano vom Fichtenschlag is an extremely famous stud!
Sire:  Jango vom Haus Paris
Dam: Lolita von der Hernmuhle