Shiraz Farm German Shepherds
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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Service Dog Candidates 
At Shiraz GSD, we strive to raise German Shepherd Dogs that help people.

We raise puppies to be hearing dogs, psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) who help individuals with Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and more, as well as mobility dogs, and medical alert dogs. 

We very carefully observe and evaluate every single puppy from the moment of their birth to the time when they go home to help take care of their new owners. 

​Our German Shepherds are bred to cultivate intelligence and human-oriented behavior, which is essential in a good therapy dog! 

Please contact us via email or phone so that we can discuss YOUR specific needs in a service dog. Every individual has different needs in their service dog and we recognize the importance of matching our service dogs with the job and person they are best suited to help. We want to set you and your service dog up for a successful and happy life. 

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Please call or email for updated information on our service dog candidates! 

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Visiting a second-grade reading group! 
Das, one of our service dogs in training, learning impulse control by resisting the tasty treats on his head! After a minute we took them off and told him it was okay to eat! 
A few photos of our past/ current service dog candidates! 
Bentley on an official visit to James Madison University! 
Amara, 8 weeks old, visiting a high-school. She was very popular among the students! 
Bentley patiently waiting at a fast food chain for his handler to order! 

Please visit Dastan's introduction page. He's the resident therapy dog at Wakefield School in the Plains, VA and we hope to use his training process/ effect at the school as a precedent to help incorporate more service dogs in public schools to help improve children's mental, emotional and physical well-being in the school environment!