Shiraz Farm German Shepherds

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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Our Females
​Our Females are of the best bloodlines available. We import only the best hand-picked GSDs from West Germany. Their pedigrees include sires and dams that have been successful in World Sieger Shows.
Sylvie von Arlett- SCH II, KKL1 V A Normal 
Xante Von Der Prachtallee
Xante is a large boned large head gorgeous dog. she is extremely atheletic and powerful.  She has a substantial structure.  She  is an ideal type for service  work .  An exemplary female with very red pigment.  Was imported recently from Germany.
Isabel vom St Michael's Berg
Sire:  Orlando Vom St Michael's-Berg V
Dam: Hope Vom Michel's berg V rated
Sch2 KKL1

Certified Hips & Elbows
Sire: Boomer Vom Polarstern VA  (Most Famous Stud VA)
​SCH 3  KKL1

Dam: HIrka Vom Michel's berg  V rated   Sch1 KKL1

Certified Hips & Elbows
Sire: Gigolo von der Barenschulucht 

Dam: Santana von Arlett 

Certified Hips & Elbows. 
Sylvie is a direct import from Germany. She is an excellent candidate for odor detection pups.She is very kind and extremely intelligent. Sylvie has the ideal balance of work drive and calmness. 
Piper vom Shiraz 
Piper is the full sister of our stud Crash. She is an incredibly smart and sweet female. She is playful and has an incredible nose for tracking just like her brother. Her pups have consistently been very intelligent and sound of temperament as well having bright colors and beautiful structures. 
Sire:  Jango vom Haus Paris
Dam: Lolita von der Hernmuhle 

Certified Hips & Elbows 
Xarana von der Kahler Heide BH AD
Xarana was imported from Germany in the spring of 2015. She is a stunning female with sound conformation and bright colors. Her personality is fun and playful. She is intelligent and loves to play with toys. She places all her focus on the people around her. 
Sire: Mentos vom OSterberger-Land SchH3; VA

Dam: Aryba von der Kahler Heide chH2; V

Certified Hips & Elbows
Lennox von Regnia Pacis (VA, SchH3, 

Latini von der Quartier Latin (V, SchH1, IPO 3) 

Certified Hips & Elbows 
Elba von der Nadine  IPO2 KKL1 V 
Elba is an exciting import from Germany from top bloodlines!  She has produced our most beloved Domino and our future stud.  She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning conformation and kind and intelligent nature.
Rubina vom Freeseland (BH, AD) 
Sire: Lennox von Regina Pacis (ScH3, VA 9) 

Dam:Djona vom FREESE LAND (SCHH2)

Certified Hips & Elbows. 
Rubina is a gorgeous import from Germany. She is the daughter of Lennox von Regina Pacis who is famous for his beauty and extraordinary temperament-- which culminate in his many titles (VA9!)
Ginger aus Famke 
Sire: Shiraz Yasko 

Dam:Jill Aus Famke's Zauberwald 

Certified Hips & Elbows 
Ginger is a stunning, large-boned female who has always proven herself to be exceptionally intelligent and agile. Her bright red colors and large structure make her one of our most beautiful females.
Isabella comes from the most elite world class VA1 line in Grermany. She is  an ideal type for service  work and  protection of any level.  She is a medium drive dog with a balanced temperment .  She has produced many excellent pups.  She is a very personable and agile dog.  She has a perfect compact structure and deep red colors.
Sire: Shiraz Yasko 
       (Progeny of Enzo Von Buchhorn, VA1)

Dam: Jill Aus Famke Zauberwald

Certified Hips & Elbows
Isabella aus Famke