Shiraz Farm German Shepherds
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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Shiraz Studs
Our studs are unmatched in beauty, health,and temperament!  They are certified for hips and elbows and meet West German Breed Standards.
Bootsmann Vom Streek SCH 1 SG 28
Bootsman is a worldclass GSD that was imported from Germany this year.  He is one of the  smartest and most personable dogs we have met.  He is  brave, loveable, and has an amazing work ethic.  He is one of the finest GSDs in America today. His beauty, health and balanced temperment makes him a perfect stud and suitable for any service work.
Xanadu Vom Shiraz 
Xanadu is a powerful large-boned dog with the ability to be a service dog of many disciplines.   His kind nature and amazing beauty and structure makes him the most incredible stud.  He is producing great deep pigmented puppies of superior health and structure.  His pups can be service dogs or companions.  He is one of  the great exemplary studs at Shiraz Farm.  He  is a rare beauty and is definitely built to impress!

Hips and Elbows Certified. 
Nico vom Himmeltal
Sire: Fulz di Zenevredo SchH3 VA 1

Dam: Kira vom Himmeltal
 SchH2  IPO 2 
Nico is a youmg recently imported stud from Germany.  He is very elegant  with  superior bloodline.   He has excellent color , movement and conformation.  His progeny can be service dogs or companions.   He is very kind and  laid back.  His pups are beautiful and well tempered.   His father Fultz is one of the most famous dogs in the world and has produced many excellent world class winners at the Sieger show in Germany and abroad.   

Hips and elbows certified
Bosco von der Kahler Prachtalle 
GrandSon of Leo Von Der Zenteiche and Boomer VA1
Bosco is gorgeous,intelligent and kind. He has bright colors and sound conformation. He is exceptionally focused and talented with a lot of play drive. He has proven himself to be calm, cool, and alert in any situation. 

Hips and elbows certified. 
Nacht Watcher Vom Shiraz AKA Crash is the grandson of Yasko vom Shiraz and the son of Jango. (Handler: Paula Wickman) 
At three years old he already earned the titles of AKC Canine Good Citizen, International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA) Area Search, IPWDA Advanced Cadaver and IPWDA Water Recovery.  

Hips and Elbows certified.

Mexx vom Himmeltal (BH, AD) 
Son of the  stunning Illiano Vom Fichtenschlag
Mexx is large boned dog with perfect conformation. His colors are vibrant and his personality is among the best we have ever seen. He has a great nose for tracking and is very attentive with people. 

Hips and elbows certified.
Sire: Yasko vom Shiraz 
    from: Ando Altenbergerland VA 1 SchH3

Dam: Ise Della Delcuvia 
    from: Ricco von der Zenteiche VA 2 SchH3
Sire: Canyon von der Lars-Aue ScH3 KKL 1 V1

Dam: Vivi von Dongmire ScH3 KKL 1 V
Domino von der Kahler Heide 
 Zuran von der Kahler Heide (V IPO 2)

 Sire: Leo von der Zenteiche (IPO 3, VA 1)

Dam: Blianka vom Osterberger-Land (SchH2, VA) 

Certified Hips and Elbows
An exceptional stud recently imported from Germany. He is exceptionally beautiful, brightly colored and extremely intelligent, playful and friendly-- from top German bloodlines. His sire, Leo von der Zenteiche is IPO 3 and VA 1 and his dam, Blianka vom Osterberger-Land, is SchH2 and VA!
Sire: Djambo vom Fichtenschlag (VA, IPO3) 

Dam:  Elba von der Nadine (V, IPO 2) 
Domino is our only plush coat stud, an absolutely stunning imported male from top lines. His bright colors are exceptional, and look even more vibrant in person! He has a gorgeous coat, large head and body and even more incredible personality. He is extremely trainable and level headed. He is sweet, lovable and very, very intelligent.  He quickly learned how to differentiate between several different objects, for example, "TV Controller" "Aspirin" and "TUMS". 

An incredibly beautiful and trainable dog.