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World class exquisite West German pups.   
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Professional Dog Training Services
At Shiraz Farm we feel that we raise some of the kindest and most trainable dogs in world.  How you interact with and understand your dog's behavior is the key to having the best relationship with your pet.

If you want to achieve a superior level of communication with your dog, it starts with understanding what your dog is trying to say to you, and then communicating your needs in a way that they can understand.  With this basic premise in mind, we provide training services to dedicated dog owners that are based on harnessing the dog's basic desire to please and to have fun. 

All of our trainers are experienced German Shepherd specific handlers.

Disclaimer: All training sessions are exclusive only to people who have Shiraz Farm GSDs.

If no training is necessary, but you need a place to board your Shiraz Farm GSD while you are out of town we board pups for $50/daily. 

Available Training Programs

TWO WEEK BOOT-CAMP - For dogs six months and older, you can board your dog here for two weeks where your pet will receive daily hour-long training session. Your pet will stay in our home and work with several different trainers. We will tailor the boot-camp based on the consulting session we recommend before the boot-camp begins.  On the first and last session owners are welcome to sit in and learn with the dogs so that they can continue the work at home. 

 $2,000 for the complete package

AGILITY COURSE TRAINING- Agility training by our wonderful trainers has always been a successful and enjoyable process for both the dogs and the owners. Our hour long sessions in our professional-grade agility ring increase a pet's athleticism, obedience, and focus. 

On our property: $100 per individual session
                                $ 50 per group session 

VACATION TRAINING CAMP: If you are going on vacation and need to board your dog, we can train him while you are away. This extensive program produces a well rounded, happy and obedient dog. During your time away your dog will learn all of the basic commands and be extensively socialized with dogs, kids, and other critters (cats, horses) upon request. 

Cost: $150 daily 

The focused private program offers one on one training from expert trainers that will help you become an expert at training your own dog. Inquire about our private, 1-2 hour one-on-one dog training sessions where your pup will learn basic obedience, agility work, socialization,  or whatever else you and your dog in particular need. We work to tailor every sessions to the specific needs and trouble areas of each dog (and their owners). 

On our property: $100 per session
At your home: $150 per session

PUPPY ORIENTATION: At the puppy orientation sessions you will learn how to ensure your puppy grows into a healthy, happy, well-socialized dog by understanding how to orient your life to be a successful dog owner. During the puppy class we go over housebreaking, introduction to basic commands, socialization and home orientation issues for your new puppy.

On our property: $100 per session
At your home: $150 per session

SERVICE DOG: If you wish for your dog to be trained to help those with special needs, we offer programs tailored to meet the special needs of individuals with disabilities such as deafness and other specific needs.  Call us for information on how to train your dog to be a special friend and helper to those who have specific needs.

TBD individually